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Immanuel Christian School is an inspired, faith-driven Christian community committed to instruct all children in developing their God given talents for service.

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Admission to Immanuel Christian School is intended for the children of parents seeking to provide a distinctly Christian education for their children, and who recognize that the primary responsibility for instilling Biblical truth resides with parents.

immanuel christian school


Our School is supported through the tuition paid by parents, but also through the donations of the wider Christian community. Many fundraising efforts support the work of the school and assist the Board in managing the cost of Christian education. We charge a family rate tuition rather than a per student rate.

It may seem daunting at first to consider paying tuition for your child's education, but we know it is an excellent investment in your child's future. One important consideration is that the up-front cost is not the actual cost! There are tax considerations that reduce the upfront costs significantly. There is also a Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP) that can help reduce the cost even further through the use of vouchers provided by a variety of retailers.

First, determine if Christian education at Immanuel is God's will for your child. Then let us work with you to find the means to make it possible! God's resources are sufficient to pay for His will!


immanuel christian school


immanuel christian school
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